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Team Building

identify strengths & weaknesses

It's down to the wire on a team project at work. The last phase depends on two people and at the last minute you realize they are terrible under pressure! If you know your team before these important moments, you can spare the group a loss by identifying the most apt members for each job on a project. We love the descriptions of different kinds of players from the folks at The Escape Game.



Get members engaged

Sometimes working in an office environment can become taxing. Creative minds grow dull, and this can create an unproductive workplace. Solving a murder mystery, exploring DaVinci's office, outsmarting an evil wizard, and becoming a ninja is a good way to break from the ordinary. Engagement is key to brushing out those cobwebs!

assess team members

Wonder how each individual works in a team setting? No better place to test it than a fun game where no real assets are on the line. Find out if you have a cohesive team that can work together under a common goal. 

identify disruption

Are there people, infrastructures, or miscommunications that are working against your team's efforts in the workplace? Leaders can assess teams from our camera control room to get a better handle on the function and quality of their group's work. 


Need to polish off your team's performance? Teams who visit our escape room will piece clues together, discuss strategies, work towards a common goal, and have some laughs. Communication takes practice and understanding, and Southern Pines Escape is the perfect place to practice! Book your room here!

As if you need yet another reason to BOOK our escape room! There are

many benefits for teams of all types. In addition to the obvious problem-solving, they can practice and demonstrate many facets of team building. Here are some more things our escape

room can do for your corporate group:

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