Our Rooms

Twisted Christmas

Every neighborhood

has the one house that isn’t right. Unfortunately for you, you have now found yourself locked in it – and you’re not alone. Presents, the tree and decorations all seem very festive, but something’s just not right. It’s up to you to figure a way out before the residents decide to come back home – and there’s no telling what they’d do to you since your room-mate is not being very “lively”…

Difficulty: Who knows – no one’s “Escaped” with their lives…

Da Vinci’s Office

Leonardo da Vinci

was one the greatest minds the world has ever known. He invented, painted, sculpted and did so many things that we are still trying to figure out. We can’t do it alone. Many have tried and failed. Time and time again Leonardo’s riddles baffle us. You and your friends have been granted a rare private viewing of Leonardo’s own private quarters. Now it’s up to you. You’ve got an hour. Can you do what many before you have tried and failed time after time?

Difficulty 8.5/10

What Happens In Vegas…

Fabulous Las Vegas

The biggest party of all. It was a great night wasn’t it?!?! Shame you can’t remember a thing. What the hell happened? How did we all get here? Where are we? And why is our head throbbing like it’s been hit with a sledge hammer? We have to get it together. What happened last night? Security is showing up in one hour to clear us out because of all the trouble we caused last night. Does the slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” apply to what we did last night?

Difficulty 8/10

Dial “D” for Death

It’s 1940

and Private Investigator Peter Ingles just solved a cold-case murder. In an unfortunate turn of events, Peter was killed before his contact from the precinct could meet with him to obtain the evidence. As a safety precaution, Peter sent you a note telling you that he hid the documents in his office. Did he suspect foul play? It’s your time to solve Peter’s murder and find the evidence that he hid, can you do it?


Difficulty 10/10

Download and bring in your signed waiver: Liability Waiver

What Is An Escape Room?

Escape rooms are an interactive adventure game during which a group of players  are “locked” (not really, thanks to US fire code…) in a room and have to solve riddles and use a series of clues in order to break out. You have to make decisions using only your mind. Logic, dexterity, and ingenuity – these are what count. Be quick! The clock is ticking.

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