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Welcome to Our Blog

Websites can be uber boring, so we decided to support our business and the local community by dropping some lines every now and then. When we bought this business from the Elphick fam (that's them in the pic), we were PSYCHED to build on the biz they built. It was pretty fun up until Covid. Since our business basically encourages you to touch everything, we closed our doors up until this week. We were allowed to open sooner but were terrified of the implications on our place. After a while we realized that if restaurants, retail stores, and kids museums were open, then it was a good time to jump in.

We were sad to see many local businesses closing down over the last few months, but here we are; we made it to the other side (so far). It isn't completely over, but things are looking up. Thank you, thank you for supporting us, Moore County. Join us for your next group outing, corporate team building, or birthday party. Cheers!


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