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birthday faq

celebrate without the hassle.

How much does a birthday celebration cost?

The cost of your guests is normal price for each room ($27 per person). It is $40 for the party. There is a 10% discount for every guest with a military ID. 

Can people attend the birthday but not play the room? 

Yes, but only 5 guests. This is because there is really limited seating outside of the room area. 

Are children welcome?

Children 11 years and up can play the rooms as long as there is at least one adult. Little kids are welcome for the celebration parts, but please do not let them run around the halls while others are playing their game(s). We all have little kiddos too so we feel you!

What exactly do we provide you?

In addition to the game play we provide 1-2 long tables for you to set cake, food, drinks, etc. 

Are refreshments welcomed in the escape room during game play? 

Drinks with screw on lids are welcomed!

If you have any more questions or you would like to book your birthday celebration, you can contact us HERE.


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